It is going to be an interesting year, of that there is no doubt.

In March 2020, the education community almost in unison switched to an entirely online mode of delivery. At that time, a lot was learned about the “emergency online teaching” or “the Pivot”. As we face into a new academic year however, we are having to put those lessons into practice as we deliver a more structured blended learning environment. We are no longer delivering “emergency online teaching”; we are delivering effective blended curricula, and while the circumstances are far from optimal, we are making the best educational use of this situation to fully reconsider how our students learn and how we can effectively facilitate that learning.

We have put together this page of resources to help colleagues make the transition to blended learning. Some of the links are to blogs, some to resources by professional bodies, others are links to other collections of resources. We hope that it is useful.

Additionally, if HEG members wish to contribute their own response to the circumstances, we would welcome any contributions. Please get in touch on the “Contact” page.


Professional Bodies

Royal Society of Chemistry response to COVID

Other collections

ChemEdXchange Resources for Teaching Online in 2020

Online Teaching Tips: Outputs from ViCEPHEC 2020