Cardiff-UCL Discipline-Based STEM Education Research webinars

The webinars aim to support academics to get closer to experts in the field of STEM education research, and thus, provide an opportunity for discussions on the latest developments in evidence-based STEM education. The initiative is kindly supported by the IOP Higher Education Group and the Royal Society of Chemistry Higher Education Group (more information: … Continue reading Cardiff-UCL Discipline-Based STEM Education Research webinars

RSC HE Teaching Network meeting

We are pleased to circulate joining information for the RSC HE Teaching Network winter meeting. This year, Dr Linnea Soler and Dr Smita Odedra at the University of Glasgow will be our hosts of the meeting entitled "Finding the Fun in Higher Education Chemistry". The meeting will take place on Friday 5th March 2021 via … Continue reading RSC HE Teaching Network meeting

Discipline-based STEM education webinars

The second Cardiff-UCL Discipline-based STEM Education Research Webinar serries is now open for registration: Based on reports of the first series, there were very interesting discussions on the present and future directions of STEM Education innovation. The events are sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Physics Higher Education Group, … Continue reading Discipline-based STEM education webinars

PeerWise ACCESS (All-Ireland Collaborative Chemistry Education Shared Space).

Barry Ryan (@CBS_Lecturer) of Technical University Dublin gives us a written overview of the PeerWise ACCESS programme; a multi-institutional strategy to support asynchronous student learning as they transition to third-level education. The aim of our four-institution collaboration was to investigate if PeerWise could be used to support asynchronous, multi-institution, student learning in third-level, foundation chemistry. … Continue reading PeerWise ACCESS (All-Ireland Collaborative Chemistry Education Shared Space).

vViCEPHEC content going live

The Variety in Chemistry Education/Physics Higher Education conference website is now being populated with recorded talks and posters, along with discussion forums and information on our live capstone event on Friday 21st August. Please take a look at the programme and register for the live event here. If you have any suggestions for social activities that the steering committee … Continue reading vViCEPHEC content going live