Report: Eurovariety Bursary winner 2019

Dr Tom Anderson MRSC FHEA (@DrTomAnderson1) of the Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield was awarded a bursary by the RSC Higher Education Group to attend the EUChemS Eurovariety in Chemistry Education conference 2019, held in Prato, Italy. This is his brief account of the experience and the benefit of attendance to him and his professional development.

“I was delighted that my application for RSC Travel Bursary Funding was approved, allowing nme to attend the EuroVariety 2019 conference in Prato, Italy. This was my first international conference as a teaching specialist academic, and it was very useful for my professional development to be able to attend a high-profile conference in this area.

“The conference was organised by Tina Overton, one of the biggest names in pedagogy of chemistry, whom I was privileged to meet, and I was one of many teaching academics from across Europe and the world to give a talk on my research in the improvement of chemistry teaching at university level.

“I made and renewed many important professional contacts. The conference was well organised and the venue of Prato was both historically interesting and well supported by excellent hotels and restaurants—as well as baking hot weather!

“I would encourage other academics in my position to apply for RSC travel bursaries in the future, and do not be discouraged if you do not succeed at first—this was my second application and I was very grateful that this one was successful.”

Tom is currently Senior Tutor and Level 1 Laboratory Director within the Department of Chemistry at the University of Sheffield.

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